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Cancun Car Rental Company Policies are better explained through the most Frequently Asked Questions
we have received over the last couple of years

Is a US driver?s license valid in Mexico?
 Yes.  It must be the original, with photograph and not be expired.

How old do I have to be to rent a car with your company?
Minimum age is 21 years old; there is no maximum age limit.

Is it possible to pay with my credit card and have someone else be the driver?
 Yes, you can pay with your credit card and have someone else, spouse, relative or friend, be a designated additional driver.  You will be the titleholder and be responsible for the rented vehicle. 

I don?t have an international driver?s licenseCan I rent with my driver?s license from my country?
Any valid and current driver?s license, with a photograph, from any country, is accepted.

Am I allowed additional drivers?   How many and what is the cost?
 Yes, each rental contract is allowed two additional drivers, at no cost to you. .  They must also have valid, current drivers licenses, with photograph and not be expired.

Do I need to show my passport at the moment I rent from you?
Not necessarily, it can also be your driver?s license, or any other official ID.

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When do I pay for my reservation for my rental?
When you are here, fill out your paperwork and pick up your vehicle.

What payment methods do you accept?
You may pay your rental with credit or debit AMEX, VISA, DISCOVERY or MC cards.  Also, travelers checks, US Dollars or Mexican pesos.  No personal checks or travel vouchers are accepted.  All transactions are converted to pesos, at the daily suggested rate.

Are there any extra charges, on top of my rental rate, that I should be aware of?
No, your total quoted rate, on your reservation, is what you pay.  However, if you change the amount of rental days, vehicle, or insurance coverage?s, you will be charged the new quote. If you rent baby seats or GPS, those are separate amounts to also pay.

What are the required guarantee deposits for the cars?
The deposit for guarantee is a hold, not a charge, on your credit card account. The amount depends in what category the vehicle is in and will be released when you return the rented vehicle. The amounts are as follows:

* Mini Economy, Economy and Compact: 600.00 USD  
* Mid Size, Economy SUV: 700.00 USD  
* Intermediate and Full Size: 800.00 USD  
* Jeep's and SUV's: 900.00 USD  
* Mini Vans and Full Size Vans: 1,000.00 USD  
* Luxury Vehicles: 1,500.00 USD  

Do I have to provide my credit card numbers to make a reservation?
No, credit or Debit card data is not required to book a reservation.  You only specify what mode of payment you wish to use.  Your data will be needed when you are here to fill out your rental contract and pick up your vehicle.

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What about driving area restrictions and mileage?
There are no driving area restrictions and mileage is unlimited.

Can I drive your vehicles in Belize, Honduras or Guatemala?
The permits for belice will be ready at the moment the car is rented. For the rest of the countries permits need 48 hours to process from the day you sign your contract Once it is certain which vehicle we have received, the nomenclature, registry and license plates numbers are procure to initiate the process. notaries or government offices do not work on weekends and holidays. The cost of the permits are as follows:

  • Belice: GRATIS
  • Guatemala: $150 USD
  • Honduras: $200 USD
  • El Salvador: $200 USD
  • Nicaragua: $250 USD
  • Costa Rica: $300 USD
  • Panamá: $350 USD
Do your cars run on diesel or gasoline?  If so, what type and how much does it cost in Mexico?
 All of our vehicles run with unleaded gasoline.  In Mexico, all gas stations belong to the same government utility, so prices are the same everywhere.  Use the kind called Premium.  Prices are in pesos and the measure is in liters.  It is currently about 2.50 USD, per gallon.

Can I pay at gas stations with my credit cards?
Usually not.  Although some gas stations do accept them.  Always ask first and try to use cash.

Can I pay for gas with US dollars or Euros?
US dollars are accepted almost anywhere, not only in gas stations.  Euros are sometimes accepted, but the most common foreign currency is US dollars.  The best thing to do is get your US dollars, or Euros, converted to pesos at any bank, ATM or exchange house beforehand.

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I?m arriving by air, how do I find you at the airport?  How do I get to your office?
Pick up and drop offs are free, and only at the airport, the service is 24 hours.  We do not have counters or phones inside the terminal.  When you pick up your luggage, clear customs and security, just walk out the main exit.  Outside, our representative will be waiting and looking for you, with a sign, with our company?s logo and your name on it.  As soon as he makes contact with you, he will drive you directly to our airport office, at Plaza Santa, a few minutes from the terminal, to process your contract and pick up your vehjicle.

Are there airport taxes of extra fees I must pay upon arrival?
No, all taxes and fees are already included in your total quote on your reservation.

I?m not flying in, do you have other offices where I can pick up and drop off?
Yes, the downtown office, at hotel  X? Balamque on Yaxchilan Avenue.  Our location in the lobby of the Gran Caribe Real hotel, in the Cancun hotel zone.  At Playa del Carmen, at hotel El Quinto Sol, 5a. Avenida, corner  with Calle 28. The Tulum office, on Av. Tulum.  All are open from 8 am to 7 pm, everyday.  On the drop off, you drive the rented vehicle to the office you designated, when you rented, close your contract and our representative will drive you to where you need to be.

I?d like to pick up my car at the Cancun airport but return it at Playa del Carmen or Tulum.  Is there an extra charge for this?
Normally not.  But, on one day rentals only, to pick up in Cancun and drop off in Playa del Carmen, or visa versa, there is an additional charge of 20 USD.  From Cancun to the Tulum or Akumal areas, or visa versa, the charge is 30 USD.  From Playa del Carmen to Tulum, or visa versa, the charge is 10 USD

Can I pick up and return my car at my hotel? 
No, we will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to our nearest office or location, to process your contract and pick up your vehicle.  For the drop off, you drive the rented vehicle to whatever location, or office, you stipulated, close your contract and we drive you back to where you need to be, free of charge.  But, if you happen to be staying at the Gran Caribe Real, just look for our counter in the lobby.

I?d like to return my car in another city, can I do this and what is the charge?
Yes, we have that special service for our clients.  The charge depends on the distance between Cancun and the city you wish to return the rented vehicle.  First a meeting point is agreed on, and then an additional charge is established for that service. The rental period must be for a minimum of three days.

I?m staying at a hotel in the Cancun hotel zone.  I don?t want to go all the way downtown to rent a car.
No problem, you may go directly to our location, in the lobby of the Gran Caribe Real hotel or, we can pick you up at your hotel and drive you to and from there, at no cost to you. If you are staying at a downtown hotel, our downtown office is closest.

If I?m running late, can I drop off the car at the airport?  Or their parking lot? 
No, rented vehicles cannot be left anywhere.  You must return them to an authorized location or office.  In this case, the airport office is at Plaza Santa Fe, about 10 minutes from the terminal.  After processing out, we will drive you to the terminal to board your flight.  There is no processing service at airline, bus or ferry terminals.  If flying, you should be at your airline check in counter two hours before your stipulated departure hour, especially during high seasons or holidays, as it does get crowded and slow moving.

I?ll be coming into Cancun or Playa del Carmen from one of the islands, how does that work?
Easy, when you book your reservation, specify your ferry terminal pick up location.  Our representative will pick you up there, when you arrive, and drive you to our nearest office.  On the return, if you are returning to an island, you drive the vehicle to same office and we drive you back to the ferry terminal, at no extra cost to you.

Can I pick up or drop off my car at a Bus station in Cancun or Playa del Carmen?
No. We can pick you up at whatever bus terminal you specify on your reservation and drive you to our downtown office to process and pick up your vehicle.  If you need to return to the bus terminal, you drive the vehicle to the same office, close your contract and we drive you back there.

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What are the minimum insurance coverages that I need to have? 
As a mínimum, you must have PLI and CDW, wich are mandatories.  This coverage is already included in your quote, regardless if you select other optional coverages, or not.

What does PLI stand for? What does it cover and for how much?
It stands for Primary liability insurance. It covers damages, or injuries, caused by the rented vehicle to third persons, or their properties, and legal assistance, if necessary.  It covers up to 80,000 USD, is applicable only in Mexico and is not refundable.

What does CDW stand for?  How does it benefit me?
Also known as LDW, it stands for Collision Damage waiver.  It lowers the client?s payment responsibility, in case of an accident or total theft of the rented vehicle.  The following deductibles will apply:

* Mini Economy, Economy and Compact: 1,500.00 USD  
* Mid Size, Intermediate and Full Size: 1,900.00 USD  
* Jeep's and SUV's: 2,500.00 USD  
* Mini Vans and Full Size Vans: 3,500.00 USD  
* Luxury Vehicles: 4,000.00 USD  

CDW covers the rented vehicle only; it does not cover partial theft or accessories.  It applies only in Mexico and is not refundable.

What does PAI mean?
PAI stands for Personal accident insurance.  It covers ambulance service, doctors and hospital expenses, for the occupants of the rented vehicle, in case of an accident.  Coverage is for a maximum of 13,000 USD, per person, and is limited to the allowed capacity of the rented vehicle.
This coverage applies only in Mexico and is not refundable.

What is EPC?
EPC is extended protection coverage.  It is an extension of CDW and it covers total theft and damages done to the rented vehicle, in case of an accident.  It converts the deductible into Zero Deductible, for total theft or damages, unless the accident is caused by the driver?s negligence.  It applies only in Mexico and is not refundable.

Does your insurance cover me in Belize or Guatemala?
No, it doesn?t.   You, like all our clients, after crossing the border, must purchase the insurance coverages you deem necessary, for the amount of days you will be in Belize, Guatemala or Honduras. 

I don?t need to buy more insurance, my credit card covers everything!
You may decline to purchase the additional optional insurance coverages you should have, and it will be stipulated on your rental contract.  However, in case of an accident, you will be responsible for any and all damages done to the rented vehicle, as you will only have the obligatory coverage of PLI.  The reason for this is very simple.  USA or Canadian credit card insurance companies will not pay any amount, up front, outside their territorial boundaries, you will, when you return the rented vehicle.  When you return home, you may apply for reimbursement to the insurance company and we will furnish the necessary documentation for you to substantiate your claim.

What does TGI mean?
(TGI) Tires, Rims or glass
Covers partial or total damage to tires, rims or hubcaps, of the rented vehicle
It will cover it only in Mexico.

  • This coverage has an additional;
  • 5 usd per day in mini economy to full size.
  • 10 usd per day in jeeps, suv´s and mini vans.
  • 15 usd per day in full size vans and luxury cars

NOTE: Our insurance has coverage only in México.

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If I cancel my reservation, how much am I penalized?
Since we do not require deposits or prepayments to book a reservation, you have nothing to pay.  Simply email your cancellation, stating your reasons, mentioning the reservation number you were assigned.

How about if I need to return the car early?  How do I get some money back?
If for any reason, you have to return the rented vehicle before the stipulated date on the rental contract; your credit card account will be credited with the unused days, minus insurance fees and taxes.

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